Lucasfilm Reportedly Developing Adult Animated Star Wars Show


While there hasn’t been a universally beloved Star Wars movie since about, well, 1983, Lucasfilm has repeatedly struck gold with their animated TV series. In particular, those overseen by Dave Filoni are viewed as some of the best entries in the saga.

Following The Clone Wars finally concluding last year, The Bad Batch is now dropping fresh episodes weekly on Disney Plus. Fans are loving it for the most part, though there has been some slight criticism of its more kid-friendly elements. But what if there was a Star Wars animated show that was catered specifically to adults? You can bet that would be a huge source of excitement for hardcore followers, and that might just be what Lucasfilm is planning.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Luke Skywalker was going to cameo in The Mandalorian season 2 – the studio is developing an adult Star Wars animation. Apparently, this TV series – plot details are currently unknown – will be more mature and as such, wouldn’t be destined for Disney Plus but for Hulu.

So far, the entirety of Star Wars can be found on D+ because it’s always been family-focused. This animated show could change all that, though, and break through the safe-for-children label for the first time. But what does this mean? Would the series introduce strong language into the franchise? Could it contain a lot of excessive violence? Again, further details are unclear, but that’s certainly all possible.

With adult-oriented animated shows becoming more common these days, it adds up that Lucasfilm would want to get in on the action. Likewise that they’d look to expand into more mature projects in general. Similar to how Star Trek: Discovery‘s darker edge has invoked some backlash from Trek fans, this one could stir up a similar reaction from Star Wars lovers. But it would no doubt get a lot of praise, too.