Lucasfilm Reportedly Feels Disdain For Gina Carano Amidst Online Controversy

Gina Carano

If you’re a fan of The Mandalorian, or just someone who uses Twitter, you can’t have missed the incessant calls on social media for Gina Carano to be removed from the hit Star Wars show due to her divisive opinions and online posts. Indeed, #FireGinaCarano is a regular trending topic following the actress’ various stances on issues like pronoun usage, face masks, the COVID-19 vaccine and, most recently, the US Capitol riots.

Every time a new controversy arises surrounding the MMA actress, fans start to wonder if Lucasfilm is going to start paying attention to the backlash or continue to stand by her. We’ve heard a few, sometimes conflicting, things on this topic before, but Disney-focused outlet Pirates and Princesses has now released their own report on the situation which alleges that there’s a split within Lucasfilm concerning what to do with the actress.

According to them, there’s “generally disdain” for the Cara Dune star within Lucasfilm as a whole as they don’t care for the negative press she’s bringing to the most popular corner of the Star Wars galaxy by far. However, the thing is that showrunner Jon Favreau is said to be backing the actress. Described as not “publicly political,” Favreau apparently “doesn’t care one iota” for the political division Carano is creating online. P&P notes that if she was employed under any other umbrella of Lucasfilm she would be gone already, but as it is, it remains to be seen who’ll win this tug of war.

Working in Carano’s favor is the fact that she’s a major part of The Mandalorian and it’s known that Lucasfilm had planned a spinoff based around her prior to the social media storms. As season 2 saw Cara become a New Republic marshal, it’s believed she could be a significant player in Rangers of the New RepublicSo, firing her wouldn’t be an easy fix for the studio. Maybe if Carano vacated social media, the situation could be dealt with, but she’s got no intention of doing that it seems.

The Mandalorian season 3 is expected to air in early 2022 and as far as we’re aware, Gina Carano will feature in it.