Lucasfilm Reportedly Plans To Make Ahsoka Tano Bisexual In Live-Action

Ahsoka Tano

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker got a lot of flack from fans for not making Finn and Poe a couple, as we’re still yet to have a leading openly LGBT character, let alone two, in the franchise. Yes, there was that brief same-sex kiss between those two Resistance fighters, but Lucasfilm should really get on with inserting some queer heroes into the saga soon.

Thankfully, we’ve heard rumblings that they’re going to be doing exactly that in the near future and now, it seems they plan to explore one fan favorite character’s sexuality in particular. According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who previously told us that the Togruta former Jedi will show up in The Mandalorian season 2 and Rey is Palpatine’s [SPOILERS], both of which are now confirmed – Ahsoka Tano will be revealed as bisexual in future appearances. This side of her won’t depicted in the aforementioned D+ show, but it will feature into their additional plans for the character, we’re told.

We’re also hearing that Ahsoka’s bisexuality might be hinted at at some point in The Clone Wars season 7. After all, an Ahsoka-focused arc is currently unfolding on the final run of the animated series, with the heroine befriending two sisters, Trace and Rafa Martez, in the Coruscant underworld. So, it’s feasible that there could be a suggestion of a romantic chemistry between Ahsoka and one of them in the coming episodes.

But even if not, it’s important to remember that Lucasfilm has big plans for the character in live-action, as we’ve heard that a solo series for Ahsoka Tano, probably with Dawson still attached, could be in the works for the streaming service. If this is the case, then that would be the perfect place to dip into her personality a little deeper in this way. Regardless of where it happens, though, we’re told that the plan is indeed to portray her as bisexual and as soon as we learn where they’ll start showing that side of her, we’ll be sure to let you know.