Lucasfilm Reportedly Under Pressure To Drop Luke Skywalker And Baby Yoda Storyline


The world of behind the scenes Star Wars conspiracy theories is up there with QAnon for being completely insane and almost impossible for outsiders to understand. To boil it down to the basics, a small but loud group of fans fervently believe that Lucasfilm is violently divided at all times. Their claims range from baseless rumors about Pedro Pascal being fired from The Mandalorian right up to everyone even tangentially involved with the franchise having knives out for Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy.

But the latest rumor is a real head-scratcher even for those who follow this stuff. In an extremely circuitous article by ‘WDW Pro’ on the Pirates and Princesses site, it’s being claimed that there is “immense pressure” from within the company to ditch the Luke Skywalker and Baby Yoda storyline from all future plans.

With Luke’s appearance in The Mandalorian setting the internet on fire, though, and the character being universally popular with casual and hardcore fans, what’s the reason that Lucasfilm don’t want him back in any capacity whatsoever?

Well, the unnamed author says that despite Hamill being very politically progressive, unnamed but apparently influential Lucasfilm employees associate Luke Skywalker with “conservatism, the patriarchy, male-dominated narrative, etc.” and want nothing to do with him. You might point out that if this was the case, he probably wouldn’t have been the starring attraction in The Mandalorian‘s second season finale, but the outlet says that his inclusion caused massive rifts between Jon Favreau/Dave Filoni and Kennedy.

The article is also accompanied by an update responding to the “trending claims” that all this is a bunch of BS, stating that a full explanation of the Star Wars internal strife at Lucasfilm is coming soon. I don’t know about you, but I await that with bated breath.