Lucasfilm Reportedly Warning Rosario Dawson To Be Careful After Gina Carano Firing

Ahsoka Tano The Mandalorian

On season 2 of The Mandalorian, Ahsoka Tano finally made her long-awaited live-action debut and for the most part, it went down a storm.

After all, fans had been following her story throughout The Clone Wars and Rebels, and the general feeling was that Dave Filoni and star Rosario Dawson knocked it out of the park, with the live-action Ahsoka matching up perfectly with her animated self. However, it wasn’t all good news.

As you may’ve seen, there was a certain portion of the fanbase who weren’t happy about Dawson tackling the role as a few years ago, a lawsuit was filed against both her and her family by Dedrek Finley, a long-time friend who the Dawsons gave rent-free accommodation to. But according to the lawsuit, they also subjected him to a litany of transphobic abuse.

Rosario has since addressed the situation and the bulk of the storm seems to have blown over by this point, with Finley dropping many of the claims, but insider Daniel Richtman is reporting this week that Lucasfilm have warned Dawson to be careful with what she says going forward as they’re worried that she’ll “be next after Gina Carano.” Presumably, what the tipster is implying is that the studio fears cancel culture will target the Ahsoka Tano actress due to her past and obviously, they don’t want any issues there given that they’ve already announced that she’ll be getting her own spinoff show.

“Lucasfilm is afraid Dawson will be next after Gina Carano considering her past so told her to be careful,” says Richtman.

Unfortunately, no further details on the situation are offered, but it’d make sense that Lucasfilm wants to keep things squeaky clean with all of their stars moving forward. The Carano situation, while dying down a bit now, was still a nightmare for them, with many people strongly opposing the decision to fire her.

Thankfully, though, there doesn’t seem to be much of an angry mob calling for Rosario Dawson to be given the same treatment at the moment, and again, the actress has already addressed the situation, while Finley has dropped many of the claims. Suffice it to say then, her role in the Star Wars universe appears to be safe for now.