Lucifer Season 6 Reportedly In Doubt Now Due To Tom Ellis Dispute


After FOX cancelled the DC series following its third year, Lucifer managed to escape TV hell when Netflix picked it up for a further two seasons. Last year’s season 4 turned out to be a huge smash, which led to reports that the streaming giant wanted an additional sixth season on top of the still-unaired season 5. Things looked good for the show, then, but a new twist in the tale has developed which casts doubt on the renewal.

TV Line reports that negotiations between star Tom Ellis and Netflix have come to a standstill, as the British actor isn’t happy with the studio’s last offer. This is surprising news, as it was TV Line themselves that revealed Ellis had signed up to do a sixth season earlier this year. It seems things have changed, though and now, doubt is being cast over the sixth season.

That being said, the outlet’s sources say everything has been done to keep the actor sweet. “Everyone wants Tom to be happy,” says their anonymous insider. “But there’s a limit, and it’s been reached.” Reps for Netflix, Warner Bros. TV and Ellis’ spokesperson all declined to comment on the matter.

Co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have already been rehired to helm season 6, with the rest of the cast due to be picked up as long as everything works out in the end with Ellis. The star has always been 100% committed to the show and the character in the past, having made a cameo in The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” (see above) and leading the #SaveLucifer campaign that managed to get it rescued by Netflix, so hopefully both parties can come to a mutually satisfying agreement.

The 16-episode fifth season is due to be released in two batches of eight, though we still don’t know when to expect the first one to land. Maybe part of the reason why is because Netflix aren’t quite sure how to market it. For instance, is it the final season or isn’t it? It seems that for right now, at least, Lucifer is stuck in purgatory, but hopefully we’ll get some concrete news on its future soon.