Lucifer EPs Tease What’s To Come In Season 6


The second half of Lucifer season 5 finally debuted on Netflix over the weekend and it’s fair to say that the finale totally rewrote the rules of the show going into the DC supernatural series’ last ever run. Fans have a lot of questions about where the story is headed next after that explosive ending to season 5, then, and showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have now teased a little about where we can expect the upcoming outing to go when it eventually gets here.

After spending some time on Earth, God (Dennis Haysbert) elected to retire to Goddess’ (Tricia Helfer) universe, leaving one of his sons to take over in his place. Though his scheming brother Michael (Tom Ellis) attempted to seize the celestial throne, it was Lucifer (also Ellis) who emerged supreme as the new God. Not only that, but Lucifer finally told Chloe (Lauren German) that he loves her, too.

While speaking to Variety, the two EPs revealed that season 6 will pick up after a bit of time jump and will tell a more “intimate story.” As Modrovich explained:

“Every season we’ve tried to explore a new problem for Lucifer, a new chapter, a giant step for him to take emotionally,” Modrovich said. “When we were offered, generously, Season 6, we found one story, one final chapter that we realized we had to explore. And that does have consequences and effects to Lucifer and Chloe. We’ve all been there. Once you’re in a relationship, it’s not like once you, let’s say, get married, then that’s it — happily ever after! There are things thrown at you and obstacles and things you have to go through, which affect your relationships as well.”

Another major event that happened at the end of season 5 was the death of Dan Espinoza, as orchestrated by Michael. But this is a world of gods, angels and demons, so fans shouldn’t expect Dan’s story to be over. Sure enough, Henderson promised that he’ll return for more trials and tribulations in season 6.

“That sounds like a journey,” Henderson said. “I think I can say safely Dan Espinoza is one of our favorite characters to torture, and getting a chance to do it for a little bit longer has been a delight.”

Lucifer season 6 – which will consist of 10 episodes, so it won’t be chopped in half – is already in the can, with production wrapping up back in March. It’s currently unclear when exactly it could hit Netflix, but going by the release pattern of 5A and 5B, there’s a decent chance it might debut in around six months’ time.