Lucy Lawless Discusses Potential Xena: Warrior Princess Reboot

Xena: Warrior Princess originally premiered all the way back on September 4th, 1995 as a mere spinoff to Hercules: The Legendary Journeys but quickly eclipsed it in success. It spent six years as the top-rated syndicated drama series on American television until its finale aired in 2001. With it being so successful there’s no surprise that fans have been eager to see a reboot.

Xena herself Lucy Lawless recently commented on the possibility of a reboot and what she thought such a series might look like in an interview with ComicBook.

“I see it [happening] more this month than I did three years ago, because I think there was a new crop of people who aren’t bound by the past,” she told them. “It might be helpful to — I’m going to leave that thought alone because somebody else, somebody pitched me the idea the other day that’s really smart. So there are new people coming up who are going to be able to reimagine it for a new generation. It will be utterly different, but it will be cool. And yes, I do. I do foresee that that person is coming.”

With most modern-day TV shows spending more on a single episode than Xena: Warrior Princess did on its entire series, it’s amazing to think of what a future reboot might look like. With the previous attempts at a reboot previously squashed by NBC, there’s no idea when it might finally come to be.