Luke Skywalker Show Reportedly Coming To Disney Plus, Takes Place After Return Of The Jedi

Return of the Jedi

When Luke Skywalker turned up at the end of The Mandalorian‘s season 2 finale, the internet lost its collective mind and the surprise appearance of the legendary Jedi made its mark as one of the biggest TV moments of the year. As well as the shock factor, Star Wars fans loved the chance to get to see Luke in his prime, post-Return of the Jedi, when the hero was at the height of his powers and just starting his Jedi Academy.

Given all the spinoffs that Lucasfilm announced last December, we should’ve known this cameo wasn’t a one-off and the studio had big plans for young Luke. Nothing’s been officially announced just yet, mind you, but according to a new report from Giant Freakin Robot, a Luke Skywalker solo series is in the works for Disney Plus and it’ll allegedly be set post-Return of the Jedi. As for how Luke would be portrayed, that we don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like they can keep recreating 80s Mark Hamill with expensive CGI.

GFR points out that this series could be our best shot at seeing much of the Expanded Universe material make it to the screen, too. For instance, fans have been desperate to have Mara Jade – Sith assassin turned Luke’s wife – debut in live-action, but so far she’s been absent. Plus, given that Grand Admiral Thrawn is expected to be a big player in Ahsoka and maybe The Mandalorian season 3, we could possibly see Luke and Thrawn battle it out in his own spinoff, too.

Presumably, this show would follow on from the hero’s role in the next run of the aforementioned Disney Plus series. When he exited the season 2 finale, Luke took Grogu with him to train him up as a Jedi. We’ll have to check in on him once more next time, then, if we’re to see The Child again and we definitely will, as Disney aren’t about to lose the beloved mascot. So, like Rosario Dawson’s guest appearance as Ahsoka last year, season 3 could introduce a new actor as Luke ahead of his spinoff.

Thought Rise of Skywalker was the last bit of Star Wars to be focused on Luke Skywalker? Think again.