Major Stranger Things Season 4 News Coming Soon

Incredibly, it’s been a full eighteen months since the Duffer brothers first called action on Stranger Things Season 4, and production still hasn’t wrapped yet. Of course, the Coronavirus pandemic played a huge part in that after the Netflix phenomenon spent months on hiatus, but the cast and crew got back to work in September of last year.

That’s a mammoth schedule for a TV series, so it’s no wonder it looks as though we’ll be waiting until the summer of 2022 to return to Hawkins. Absence often makes the heart grow fonder, but fans started to get impatient a long time ago over the lack of new episodes, and three years between seasons is a lifetime in the world of episodic storytelling.

However, good news could be on the horizon, after producer Shawn Levy revealed in a recent interview that not only is filming in the final stretch at long last, but some big Stranger Things news will be arriving imminently.

“I have been, along with the Duffer brothers, we have been kind of tag-teaming it and directing it as recently as now. So not quite done filming. We’ll be done imminently. All I can say is by the time this airs, we’ll at least have given the world a ballpark. And I’m not allowed to say more. By the time Free Guy comes out, August 13th, part of that answer will be known.”

If the filmmaker sticks to his own self-appointed timeline, then we’re nine days or less away from the announcement, but he obviously wouldn’t be drawn on what it could be. Confirming the end of the shoot would be a bit of a damp squib, but it might be too optimistic to hope that a locked-in release date will be announced. If we want to get even more ambitious, who’s to say that Stranger Things Season 4 won’t be with us before 2021 is out?

That feels like the most unlikely scenario, but the fanbase can dream, and it’s been so long coming that the younger members of the ensemble probably won’t even convince as mid-teens anymore, and the older ones have no chance of fooling anyone.