New Mandalorian Theory Says Baby Yoda’s Connected To The Chosen One Prophecy


There’s surely more to Baby Yoda than Force sensitivity and thousands of memes, but the first season of The Mandalorian kept us in the dark about that. No doubt season 2, which is only a couple of months away, will reveal more about his higher purpose and why the remnants of the Galactic Empire are so keen to get their mitts on him, but until then, there’s a new fan theory doing the rounds which seems to have it all worked out.

Reddit user u/AndreLoga claims that Baby Yoda’s story arc will be closely connected to the Chosen One prophecy, which was fleshed out by the Prequel Trilogy when Anakin Skywalker was brought before the Jedi Council. The Redditor’s theory is a complex one, though, so here’s the abridged version.

In Star Wars lore, there’s always a Child and always a Chosen One. These roles are cyclical, so another Chosen One will follow in Anakin’s footsteps as the hero charged with balancing the Force, and it’s the Child’s role to assist the Chosen One on their journey.

Expanded on in the Clone Wars TV show, the Chosen One prophecy has been dubbed the Mortis Arc. It tells of a Chosen One “born of no father” who must keep the Force in balance. According to u/AndreLoga, this prophecy will be accompanied by another in The Mandalorian, a parallel one called the Vitae Arc, which states that “the Mother will come to protect The Child, born the same year as the Chosen One.”

Since Baby Yoda has seemingly been positioned as the Child in this fan theory, it begs the question of who the Mother is, and u/AndreLoga claims to have the answer. The Redditor believes it will be Ahsoka Tano, who is expected to make her live-action debut on the next season of the show. So, if the theory proves correct, this means she’ll assume a matriarchal role to Baby Yoda and help him fulfill his destiny.

Clearly a lot of work and research into Star Wars lore has gone into this fan theory, and the math does check out. Baby Yoda is confirmed to be 50 years old in The Mandalorianso he could theoretically have been born in the same year as Anakin. In any case, it’s a fascinating read and it will be interesting to see whether there are any signs of it coming to pass when the next season of the show hits Disney+ in October of this year.