The Mandalorian Fans Call For Sebastian Stan To Play Luke In Season 3


Just when you thought Star Wars was entering a brave new era and the franchise was finally set to distance itself from the Original Trilogy by wrapping up the Skywalker Saga and announcing multiple new and exciting projects, along came The Mandalorian‘s season 2 finale with a big fat helping of fan service that was far too good to turn down.

With the title hero and his motley crew of allies facing certain doom at the hands of the Dark Troopers, a mysterious hooded figure showed up just in the nick of time to lay waste to every single one of them. The scene was perfectly paced and edited to build more tension and excitement with each passing moment, until it was finally revealed to be… a body double with the de-aged face of Mark Hamill rather unconvincingly pasted on top.

For a show rumored to cost at least $15 million per episode, it would be fair to say the effects weren’t up to standard and ended up detracting from the joyous impact of seeing Luke Skywalker interact with Din Djarin. However, the legendary Jedi took Baby Yoda into his care, and because there’s no chance that Disney are letting a merchandising cash cow like Grogu ride off into the sunset, speculation has already started that we haven’t seen the last of Luke in The Mandalorian.

Obviously, Hamill is 69 years old and based on what we saw in “The Rescue,” the CGI isn’t good enough to de-age him for an entire season of television, so fans have called for Sebastian Stan to be cast in the role instead, as you can see from the reactions below.

Stan certainly bears a striking resemblance to Original Trilogy-era Mark Hamill, and if Luke is indeed going to return, then Disney need to either recast or funnel more money into perfecting the technology, because what we got today was more Jeff Bridges in Tron: Legacy than Samuel L. Jackson in Captain Marvel.