Star Wars Fans Campaigning For Sebastian Stan To Play Luke In The Mandalorian


The Mandalorian all but confirmed that the “Jedi” in this week’s episode title wasn’t in reference to Ahsoka, but a mysterious character that has yet to appear. A lot of Star Wars fans believe this to be Luke Skywalker, and they’ve even cast the perfect actor to portray him.

Anakin’s Padawan renounced the Jedi Order a long time ago. In the fifth season of Dave Filoni’s The Clone Wars, to be precise. And though she aided the Republic in the Siege of Mandalore, she did this under the guise of a mercenary and not an official ranking member of the Grand Army or the Order. As such, we were surprised to learn that the producers had chosen “The Jedi” as the title of the latest episode.

It stands to reason, then, that this is a reference to another character. Someone who’ll presumably appear in the three remaining outings. After all, Ahsoka instructed Mando to seek out Tython, a planet that Star Wars fans recognize as a viable candidate for the first Jedi Temple in history. Once there, the bounty hunter should place Baby Yoda, or Grogu, on the seeing stone at the top of the mountain, whereupon a Jedi might answer the call and come looking for him.

Of course, the only reasonable choice for who this might be would be the Last Jedi himself. And after an amazing piece of fan art by BossLogic depicted MCU star Sebastian Stan as a young Luke, fans are having a hard time letting go of the possibility. Here are just some of the things they’ve been sharing on Twitter in regards to the potential casting:

Of course, another Jedi appearing in the live-action Star Wars show in the upcoming weeks isn’t a given at this point. But all signs seem to indicate that Jon Favreau and his team of writers want to conclude the second season with a bang and what would be more epic than the return of another familiar face, and Luke Skywalker at that?