The Mandalorian Fans Defend Sasha Banks Amid Cancellation Calls

Sasha Banks The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian star Sasha Banks has recently come under fire for allegedly liking an anti-vax post on Instagram. But Star Wars fans are now rallying behind the actress to support her against cancellation calls.

In this day and age, celebrities need only make the most minute controversial remark, and all hell will break loose on social media. Of course, we’re already moving past the point where ‘cancel culture’ is a relevant phenomenon, but many stars and influencers still deal with the real-world ramifications of these scandals.

Take Gina Carano, for instance, who basically lost her future in the galaxy far, far away due to her seemingly transphobic and misleading comments on Twitter. Indeed, after months of continuous backlash, Disney finally decided to get rid of her, not only removing the former martial artist from future seasons of The Mandalorian but also its spinoff, Rangers of the New Republic.

Now, the same fate might befall professional wrestler Sasha Banks, who played Koska Reeves, one of Bo-Katan’s bodyguards in The Mandalorian. The actress recently garnered attention by liking a post on social media that involved COVID-19 vaccine conspiracies. Now, Star Wars fans are rising to her defense on the internet in an effort to counter the controversy.

Here are some of the things they’ve been sharing on Twitter:

It’s still unclear where The Mandalorian actor herself stands in all of this, but I guess even the idea of having a personal opinion on something will get you canceled nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, spreading misinformation, especially as a celebrity with a platform, is unjustifiably irresponsible. But it’s also becoming increasingly clear that the so-called ‘cancel culture’ is out of control, to say the least.

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