The Mandalorian Fans Aren’t Happy At How Short This Week’s Episode Was

The Mandalorian

The rise of streaming services has reinvented and revolutionized the way audiences consume content, and one of the most notable changes has been in the episode lengths of certain shows created exclusively for platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Previously, virtually every small screen project was specifically designed to factor in ad breaks, so they would run for either 30 minutes or an hour to easily adhere to the established programming schedule on whatever network they called home.

Watching a regular TV series back on streaming can often be a jarring experience when it cuts to black in the middle of an important scene, then, precisely where the ads would run to ensure that viewers wouldn’t dare change the channel for fear of missing anything. One of the major benefits of streaming shows, though, is that they tend to flow much better as a whole, as the editing process is more organic and not dictated by regular breaks to try and sell people a toaster.

The Mandalorian has certainly run with that idea, and no two outings have ever been the same length. The shortest runs for just 32 minutes, while the longest clocks in at close to an hour. This week’s installment was one of the briefer ones, with Robert Rodriguez’s “The Tragedy” coming in at a thrifty 33 minutes. And given the quality of the action on display, fans weren’t happy at such a short running time, as you can see below.

The Mandalorian also has some of the longest credits on television, which shaves another five minutes off the clock for good measure. In total, then, there was less than 30 minutes of onscreen action this week, and when “The Tragedy” is being lauded as one of the finest episodes yet, you can understand the frustration among the fanbase.