The Mandalorian Just Introduced Star Wars’ Version Of The Super-Soldier Serum

The Mandalorian

While the latest episode of The Mandalorian was mostly filler and strived to depict the aftermath of the battle on Nevarro, it also came with surprising revelations about the Empire’s illegal operations in the Outer Rim.

When Mando reunited with Greef Karga and Cara Dune, the pair had a new mission for him. And since Din Djarin was indebted to them from the events of the previous season, he didn’t hesitate to help out. When the trio infiltrated the facility, though, they learned that it’s an experimental laboratory as opposed to a military base. More horrifying still, we finally discovered what Moff Gideon wants with Baby Yoda. Apparently, the remnants of the Empire are looking for a way to create Force-sensitive super-soldiers. Or at least, some variant of that. That’s why they need the Child’s blood, which would allow them to infuse the subjects with midi-chlorians.

We’ve yet to learn what they really want to do with this experiment if the results are promising, or whether Gideon is truly the one pulling the strings here, but the idea behind the project is basically the Marvel Universe’s equivalent of the super-soldier serum that created the likes of Captain America and Bucky Barnes.

George Lucas initially wanted the Force to be a mysterious entity that, in the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, surrounds and penetrates all living things. This notion changed when the prequels came along, though, as the creator introduced the controversial concept of midi-chlorians. In essence, these are microscopic organisms that inhabit the cells, allowing the Jedi to tap into them and perform extraordinary feats.

Now, it seems that Jon Favreau wants to revive the scientific aspects of the living Force in The Mandalorian to explain the importance of Baby Yoda. Still, it could be argued that there are many Force-sensitive individuals in the galaxy, so there must be more to this obsession with The Child than we currently know.