The Mandalorian Season 2’s New Armor Upgrades Leak Online

The Mandalorian

The most iconic facet of any Mandalorian is their armor, as they’re constantly upgrading and tweaking both their suit and arsenal. In the first season of The Mandalorian, Din Djarin (played by Pedro Pascal) earns his Mudhorn signet and finally clips on the signature bounty hunter jetpack. Going forward in season 2, then, we expect Mando to add even more pieces to his modular battle suit.

Without any new posters or trailers to go on, the only glance we’ve gotten at any anything from the new season comes courtesy of leaks, and it seems a new one has sprung today. A Redditor going by the name of u/karangrewal123 posted what looks to be a leak from the Star Wars Black Series line, showing off Mando’s updated appearance in the new season.

The most notable change looks to be his battle-worn cape, which is shorter and tattered as a result of his clash with Moff Gideon and various other enemies. The right thigh also looks like it’s had a new armor piece added to it. The post mentions the left knee pad now comes from his original armor as well, but that looks like it’s always been there.

Djarin’s armor isn’t the only thing that’s set to change, though, as the show is going to be moving in some unexpected new directions, according to composer Ludwig Goransson. And we probably won’t have long to wait to see where the story goes after that, as season 3 reportedly won’t be delayed due to the pandemic.

How much or how little Djarin’s suit will change going forward will probably depend on how much damage he ends up taking, and how much Beskar he manages to accrue in the future. We’ll find out soon enough exactly what’s in store for him, though, as season 2 of The Mandalorian is readying itself for an October release on Disney Plus.