The Mandalorian Composer Says Season 2 Will Go In New Directions

The Mandalorian

It won’t be too long until The Mandalorian is back on our screens, as the second season of the smash hit Star Wars series is due to premiere on Disney Plus in just two months’ time. Last year’s debut run was a phenomenal success, so the studio and fans alike will be desperately hoping that season 2 can match up to the first. While it remains to be seen if that’ll be the case, what we do know is that it won’t just coast by, as we’ve been promised that the next batch of episodes will take the show in brand new directions.

Composer Ludwig Goransson recently spoke to Deadline about his involvement with The Mandalorian, which saw him give an intriguing tease at what’s to come in the next season. Goransson revealed that his team started scoring the run earlier this summer and that showrunner Jon Favreau is taking the story to different places.

“We started a couple of months ago, and I’m extremely excited,” Goransson said. “Jon’s taking the story into places that I didn’t know existed, and I think it’s so fun.”

So, what can we infer from this? Well, it’s possible that Goransson is alluding to the fact that season 2 will dig into the world of the animated series in a major way. The season 1 premiere ended with the reveal that Gideon now has the Darksaber, as last seen in Star Wars Rebels. It’s also widely reported that Rosario Dawson will join the cast as Ahsoka Tano and Katee Sackhoff will reprise her role as Bo-Katan Kryze, who were both introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. 

Maybe Goransson wasn’t too familiar with this corner of the franchise before working on season 2, just as many other viewers – more casual SW fans, hooked onto the show by Baby Yoda’s adorableness – may not be. Thankfully, in a likely deliberate bit of synergy, both Clone Wars and Rebels are also on D+ for folks to catch up on if they feel they’re missing out. No doubt interest in those series will soar on the site this fall, too.

We don’t have a release date for The Mandalorian season 2 just yet, but it’ll probably be revealed alongside the trailer that’s expected later this month, so stay tuned.