The Mandalorian Said To Feature Some Original Trilogy Characters


The Star Wars universe will be getting its first ever live-action TV series later this year in the form of The Mandalorian, coming from Iron Man director Jon Favreau and due to arrive on Disney Plus this fall. We’ve been told that the show, which will star Pedro Pascal as an enigmatic Mandalorian warrior, will capture the tone and feel of the Original Trilogy. And, from what we gather, it’ll bring back several familiar faces from those movies, too.

Reddit user JediPaxis claims that a “reliable source” has informed them that numerous bounty hunters will turn up on the series. First of all, he reports that IG-88 will be a main character. This is certainly possible, as Favreau has confirmed that the droid will appear. Not only that, but he also revealed that Thor: Ragnarok‘s Taika Waititi will be voicing him. The Redditor says that IG-88 will be something of a sidekick/partner to the Mandalorian.

Bossk is also rumored to appear, and he’ll apparently sport a new costume when he does. Other Trandoshans are set to show up as well, while a third bounty hunter from The Empire Strikes Back that we can allegedly expect is Dengar, who might not have his distinctive scars this time. However, JediPaxis admits this could be because his source glimpsed the character before make-up was applied.

Finally, Zuckuss is also supposedly on board, though there’s no word on his design. One character notable for their absence is 4-LOM. The Redditor can’t say for certain whether they’re in the series or not, but only that their source is unaware if he is. Finally, seeing as The Mandalorian will be set on Tatooine, other species seen on the planet in the Prequel Trilogy may also feature.

Despite this long roll call of characters, we’ve been told not to expect any major Original Trilogy players – so no one from Luke to Threepio – in the show.

If you want to read the full leak, you can follow the link below. Alternatively, if you want to find out what’s going to happen the old-fashioned way, The Mandalorian is due to arrive in this galaxy sometime in 2019.

Source: Reddit