The Mandalorian Season 2 Will Feature More Of Pedro Pascal In The Armor


Here’s a fun fact about The Mandalorian you might not have known: Pedro Pascal may voice the titular bounty hunter, but for much of the character’s screentime in season 1, he’s actually played in the flesh by stunt performers Brendan Wayne and Lateef Crowder. However, one of the few times Pascal filled out the armor was for the important scene where IG-11 removes Din Djarin’s helmet in the finale, revealing his face to the audience for the first time.

It seems that things will be changing a bit for season 2, though, as Bespin Bulletin is reporting that Pascal was more directly involved with production on the sophomore run of the Disney Plus hit and got to suit up in the Mandalorian armor much more than in the first season. As you’d imagine, this is leading to speculation that Djarin will spend more time unmasked in the next batch of episodes, despite it breaking his culture’s code.

BB suggests a few different scenarios for how Djarin could come to take off his helmet again. For one, season 2 will return to Sorgen, so could the bounty hunter decide to reveal his face to Omera after all? Alternatively, will he let the Child see him without his mask? Or could one of the many villains after him manage to capture the Mandalorian and forcibly remove his helmet?

Of course, there’s also a chance Pascal simply wanted to embody the character more fully this time. It’s known that, even when he wasn’t in the suit, the star hung around set to study Wayne and Crowder’s physical performances. He also only couldn’t commit to the role himself due to scheduling conflicts with his run in a Broadway production of Shakespeare’s King Lear. 

That could be all there is to it, then, but it does seem likely that the fact Pascal is in the armor more this season will be used to allow him to whip off his mask a few more times to further tease the mystery of the man behind the Mandalorian.