The Mandalorian Season 2 Reportedly Features A Lightsaber Duel To Rival The Movies


Given its focus on the galactic underworld, The Mandalorian has yet to feature any instances of that fan favorite Star Wars staple – the lightsaber duel. However, one is apparently on its way.

The all-important Darksaber was introduced into the Disney Plus show in its season 1 finale, and according to a new report, a character we all can’t wait to see is going to challenge the evil Moff Gideon for it, and in explosive fashion. Insider Mikey Sutton of Geekosity is claiming that Lucasfilm has got a “fiery showdown” planned between Giancarlo Esposito’s Gideon and Ahsoka Tano, who’s due to make her live-action debut later on in season 2, as played by Rosario Dawson. Sutton writes that the enemies’ lightsaber battle will be among the show’s “biggest action sequences” and the studio is hoping that it could rival or even top some of the duels from the movies.

Furthermore, Sutton comments on how fans were disappointed that Disney held a lot back in the trailers, not even giving us a glimpse of Dawson as Ahsoka, for instance. The scooper says that this is very much by design and the showrunners are once again hoping to “break the internet” in the same way they did last year with the surprise reveals of Baby Yoda and the Darksaber.

The insider doesn’t actually specify when this battle would occur, but it’s easy to assume it’s due in the season 2 finale. As for when Ahsoka will make her first appearance on the show, one theory points to her debuting in episode 5, seeing as that’s being written by Dave Filoni, who developed the character along with George Lucas on The Clone Wars and Rebels. But right now, that remains unconfirmed.

The Mandalorian continues this Friday, November 13th on Disney Plus.