The Mandalorian Star Says The Show Makes Him Want To Quit Acting

The Mandalorian

As well as being known as arguably the single greatest Star Wars project to emerge from the Disney era, The Mandalorian has now shown that its appeal stretches far beyond just the diehard fanbase, with the show having somewhat surprisingly picked up a massive fifteen Emmy nominations including Outstanding Drama Series.

The upcoming second season is set to introduce some fan favorite characters from the extended universe and serve as the launchpad for the next generation of small screen Star Wars stories, as well as giving freshly-minted Emmy-nominated Giancarlo Esposito a much bigger role as the villainous Moff Gideon.

However, one star of the first season that won’t be back is Werner Herzog, who played The Client, and even if he wasn’t killed off then he still wouldn’t have any interest in returning. In a recent interview, the 77 year-old admitted that while he remains a fan of Jon Favreau in general, his time spent working on The Mandalorian has got him thinking about retiring from acting altogether.

“I have done a lot more acting recently, and I have to review it, because it takes away too much attention from the real things that I’m doing. Favreau said he really wanted me because he knew I would deliver as a badass. I also believe there is something very genuine about Favreau and he’s very fond of my films. He said, ‘I want the audience to take a look at the man who made these films’.”

While The Mandalorian may have brought him to a wider audience than ever before in terms of visibility, Herzog is a legendary filmmaker in his own right with a string of classic movies and documentaries under his belt, who also happens to be one of the craziest and most eccentric people to ever make a living in the movie business.

After all, this is the guy that walked from Munich to Paris during the winter because he thought it would cure his friend of an illness, got shot by an air rifle during an interview and just carried on like nothing happened, rescued Joaquin Phoenix from a car crash, claimed he could hypnotize chickens and once ate his own shoe after he lost a bet. So, if he wants to retire from acting, then who’s going to try and stop him?