New Mandalorian Theory Says Mando Is Mourning A Lost Lover

The Mandalorian

There’s currently a lot of speculation about the upcoming season of The Mandalorian, but a new theory tries to tackle Din Djarin’s mysterious past.

Fans are pretty excited to learn more about Jon Favreau’s hit show. While the first season ended as powerfully as it started, it also left us with more questions than answers. Who is Baby Yoda? What do the Imperial loyalists want with him now that the Empire is gone? Who is Moff Gideon and how does he know so much about the main characters? Is he working for himself or for someone more powerful? How is Baby Yoda so gifted in the ways of the Force? Is he related to Grand Master Yoda? Or as some crazily point it out, is he actually our own Yoda who’s traveled back in time?

These are certainly important questions wrapped in the enigma that is The Mandalorian, but many people seem to forget that the main character, the bounty hunter who goes by the name of Mando and Din Djarin, is equally as mysterious. For one thing, we know very little of his backstory, and for another, his cold and stoic demeanor isn’t something that we’ve come to expect from a lot of Mandalorians.

Well, according to a new fan theory posted on Reddit, Mando is actually mourning the loss of a loved one, which could explain his serious mannerism and grey armor. As seen in old Star Wars lore, Mandalorians seem to represent aspects of their past lives through their armor and its engravings. So, what if Mando’s grey armor actually reflects his loss? If there’s anything we know, it’s that Mandalorians take this stuff seriously.

Of course, whether or not the color of the armor is of any significance is up for debate, but it’s not unreasonable to assume that Mando has had a love interest at some point and lost them. If that’s the case, we may even get to meet him/her in flashbacks.

Tell us, though, does that theory make sense in the context of The Mandalorian? As usual, let us know what you think in the comments section below.