New Mandalorian Theory Says That The Force Created Baby Yoda


Fans of The Mandalorian are patiently waiting for the second season even if for no other reason than to learn the truth about the mysterious Baby Yoda.

When first developing the world of Star Wars, George Lucas was reluctant to reveal anything about Yoda’s origins. And so, the Grand Master of the Jedi Order remained an enigma. More than that, he was a unique creature, a race that we never saw in any other capacity within the canon of that galaxy far, far away. So, if nothing else, it was a shocking twist in the pilot episode of Jon Favreau’s show to see another being in the same species, and a powerful Force-user at that.

Din Djarin’s sidekick served as the centerpiece of conflict in the first season of The Mandalorian, and we’re willing to bet Moff Gideon won’t forsake his prized asset without a fight. Add that to the fact that many familiar faces from other Star Wars stories are going to appear in the upcoming chapter and you’ll realize why fans think that there’s more to the Child than meets the eye. But who is Baby Yoda and what is his fate?

A recent fan theory proposed that the Asset is tied to the prophecy of the Chosen One since there’s a slight chance that he may not have a father, much like Anakin. And now, another piece of speculation from the folks at ScreenRant suggests that Baby Yoda might have a connection with the fallen Skywalker, having been born through the Will of the Force.

For one thing, both Baby Yoda and Anakin were born in the same year. The Mandalorian takes place five years after the events of Return of the Jedi and we know the Child is 50, which means he was born in 41 BBY (before the Battle of Yavin). That seems like a hell of a coincidence if ever there was one. On the other hand, Anakin’s conception happened in vague circumstances. Fans had theorized for years that it was Palpatine who created him, but the new Darth Vader comic series finally shed some light on the matter, discrediting the theory altogether.

Still, there’s undeniable evidence that suggests the Force created Anakin. So, what if the living Force also created Baby Yoda to counter Anakin when Palpatine twisted his heart and set in motion the plans to sway him towards the Dark Side? It’s certainly a plausible theory, one that ties The Mandalorian into the Skywalker Saga in an unexpected way.

Do you believe that Baby Yoda’s extraordinary Force powers are due to his connection to the Chosen One, though? As usual, sound off with your thoughts in the comments down below.