John Boyega Chooses The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda Over Porgs


Love or love not – there’s no meh. That’s how I think most people feel when it comes to The Mandalorian‘s Baby Yoda, who’s not actually a small version of the iconic character from the Star Wars films proper. Baby Yoda sips tea better than any of those Big Little Lies ladies can any day. Everybody knows it, too. We’ve got Daisy Ridley on record as putting down those The Last Jedi porg punks and now, John Boyega joins Daisy on the BYT (Baby Yoda Train).

Recently, the young actor, who as we all know plays FN-2187 in these new Star Wars flicks, was out and about, signing autographs as actors and other famous folk are wan to do. TMZ was talking to him about his recent accident involving his Rise of Skywalker script finding its way onto eBay, which is fine since the movie was spoiled long before that. They sent the actor a curve ball to get off the subject though and asked a real divisive question: Baby Yoda or Porgs? “Baby Yoda, man!” yelled the actor, enthusiastically. He also mouthed “Fu*k porgs,” which is way too saucy for Disney, but appreciated nonetheless.

Personally, I thought the porgs were one of the better parts of The Last Jedi, particularly that joke with Chewy about to chow down on an already-roasted one. They made those big not-so-puppy dog eyes at everyone’s favorite wookie, who then sadly, and in shame, discarded his dinner. Man, just eat it. It’s already cooked! That’s food wasted, and that is not something I can abide by. Fu*k porgs indeed, adding to the biological waste surely already coating the entirety of Ach-To, if Luke’s milk-drinking demeanor is any indication of the quality of upkeep there.

But I digress. Baby Yoda is just hands-down better than any creature Star Wars has ever presented to us before. Too bad Disney dropped the ball on their initial merch for The Mandalorian, eh? I want my plushie, you cowards! Hey, Mickey, seriously hit me up me on Twitter and give me a porg and a Baby Yoda knick-knack. Please. I want one so bad. It’s the holidays, too! Be Merry like Luke and force project one to me.

Source: TMZ