Nicolas Winding Refn Says Maniac Cop TV Show Is Drug-Fueled And Neon-Soaked


Amid all the talk about Disney+ and Netflix’s continued success, there’s another platform that’s been pumping out a consistent stream of top-tier content: HBO.

This weekend, for example, a new HBO Original Series arrives in the form of Watchmen, a totally new take on the graphic novel by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins. But if you’d had your fill of costumed crusaders, there’s another HBO show in development with some serious Hollywood pedigree attached. Its name? Maniac Cop, itself based on the cult ’90s slasher movie from William Lustig.

Fast forward to 2019, and Nicolas Winding Refn is in charge of the Maniac Cop remake, and while it’s endured a long, meandering journey to release, Refn recently took to Twitter (h/t Bloody Disgusting) to bring the hype, teasing a “cocaine-fueled, neon-soaked” dose of horror.

Maniac Cop will be my version of a cocaine-fueled, neon-soaked, bubble gum-wrapped, mayhem-infused, speed-driven universe of thrill-seekers who are consumed by that ever-present struggle of good vs. evil…but evil is winning.


If you’ve seen even one of Nicolas Winding Refn’s past productions – be it Drive, The Neon Demon, Only God Forgives – the promise of a “neon-soaked” thrill ride shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. For Maniac Cop, though, we know Refn plans to tell his story through a “kaleidoscope of characters,” and that it’ll touch on the current state of the world. Los Angeles is the setting, and the titular character has helped unleash mayhem in the streets.

But beyond that, there’s been nary a mention of casting or even a launch window. Nevertheless, news that Maniac Cop is beginning to coalesce – under the watchful eye of Refn, no less – is exciting in and of itself.

Nicolas Winding Refn and John Hyams’ Maniac Cop series has finally found a home at HBO, and we’ll be bringing you all the latest as the series creeps closer to release.

Source: Twitter