Arrow EP Teases More Crisis On Infinite Earths Cameos To Come

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim has revealed that there are still more cameos to come in “Crisis On Infinite Earths.”

The Arrowverse’s most ambitious crossover yet not only incorporates its core shows and numerous guest characters, but will also bring in the likes of Superman from both Smallville and Kingdom Come, Huntress from Birds of Prey, Ryan Choi’s Atom, Bruce Wayne, Jim Corrigan (who may or may not have become the Spectre) and Burt Ward in an undisclosed role highly speculated and most likely to be Robin from the ‘60s Batman series. With such an expansive cast already confirmed, you’d have thought this would be enough to deal with. Guggenheim, however, doesn’t think so.

When responding to a fan’s tweet asking if there would be any more cameos, he surprisingly responded in the positive, also stating we won’t know who they are ahead of time.

This immediately opens the door to speculation over which other characters might appear, which I will of course now engage in, along with who will play them since nerding out over the appearances is half the fun of all this.

Some immediate possibilities brought up in replies to the tweet suggested Laura Vandervoort as Supergirl and Justin Hartley as Green Arrow, each of whom played the roles in Smallville to varying prominence. Hartley also played Aquaman in a quite decent pilot episode for a TV show that never materialized.

Another possibility is Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, whose ‘70s TV show saw the first live-action version of the character, and has not only been in talks appear but already been involved in the Arrowverse as Supergirl’s President Marsdin.

It would be great to see Tara Strong as Harley Quinn, too, who’s voiced the character multiple times across various animated TV series, films and video games, coming closest to live action when she provided a voice cameo in second season Arrow episode “Suicide Squad,” which featured a five-second appearance from a character listed as Deranged Squad Female, but was clearly intended to be Brooklyn’s most demented.

A lot of discourse has gone into John Diggle becoming John Stewart’s Green Lantern, too, but now that Phill LaMarr is part of the Arrowverse as the mind controlling Martian Malefic, the man who voiced the character in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, as well as the Injustice games, might be a more fitting choice.

Since Birds of Prey is being incorporated into the multiverse, they could also bring in Dinah Lance, who was a teenage precog, telekinetic and the daughter of Black Canary, and crucially was played by Rachel Skartsten, currently being seen as Batwoman’s Alice.

The ultimate cameo though would be having Mark Hamill as the Joker, who voiced the character in the sublime Batman: The Animated Series, seen by many as the definitive interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime.

Whatever assortment of recognizable characters and actors make appearances across “Crisis On Infinite Earths’” five episodes, it’ll no bout be a thrill ride of nostalgia and in-jokes as well as a superheroic free-for-all with the fate of the multiverse at stake.