Mark Hamill To Return To Arrowverse For Crisis On Infinite Earths

Batman-Animated-Series-Mark-Hamill-Not-First-Joker (1)

By now, you’re probably aware of how “Crisis on Infinite Earths” is shaping up to be a star-studded affair and a dream come true for DC Comics fans. Just earlier this evening, it was confirmed that Johnathon Schaech will return as Jonah Hex for the crossover event, but the fun hasn’t stopped there.

If you’ve been keeping up with news pertaining to “Crisis,” then you’ve probably read the rumor saying Mark Hamill will show up, too. Well, according to our sources – the same ones who told us Robert Pattinson was locked in as Batman, and that Marvel was developing a She-Hulk show months ago, both of which have now been confirmed – he actually will – but it’s not clear which character he’ll play just yet.

Considering how Kevin Conroy has been hired to portray Bruce Wayne in live action, it’d make sense from a fan’s perspective to have Hamill do likewise for the Joker, whom he’s voiced in animation and video games for over two decades. But unless Arrowverse producers got the go-ahead from Warner Bros. higher-ups, the Clown Prince of Crime likely remains off limits. Heck, even Conroy himself wants to see this happen, but decisions such as these are unfortunately above his pay grade.

In fact, this wouldn’t the first time a variation of the Joker has been kept away from the Arrowverse. If you’ll recall, The Flash season 3 introduced a certain gentleman from Earth-3 who’d normally be called the Jokester but he was instead dubbed “the Trickster,” much like the character hailing from Earth-1 also played by Hamill. Long story short, this doppelganger had pale skin and purple hair like his comic book counterpart, yet didn’t share the name. But we knew what they were going for.

If I were to hazard a guess, we could very well see Earth-3’s Jokester, I mean, Trickster, in order to complement Conroy’s Bruce Wayne. But if that’s not the case, Earth-1’s Trickster will do just fine because he has quite the cult following.

Crisis on Infinite Earths” kicks off with Supergirl on Sunday, December 8th on The CW.