Marvel Execs Were Shocked At Daredevil Cancellation


Marvel fans are still reeling from the shock of Daredevil being cancelled this past Thursday. Though our guards were up after Luke Cage and Iron Fist met the same fate the other month, the critical acclaim and overwhelmingly positive reaction from viewers that the recent third season of the drama received made it look like a renewal was a dead cert. Unfortunately, though, we were wrong.

And it seems we weren’t the only ones who weren’t expecting the devastating news. Daredevil producer Sam Ernst spoke on Twitter about a lunch he shared with a group of Marvel execs, who were apparently just as shocked that the show had been given the chop as we were.

“Had a last lunch yesterday with the Daredevil writers. Sushi provided by our Captain, @erikoleson [Daredevil showrunner Erik Olesen]. Marvel execs there too, just as stunned as we were.”

He then followed that tweet up by correcting his previous wording, saying that the lunch was more like a wake due to the mournful atmosphere. It sounds like it’s a tough time for all those involved with making the show, then.

“More than lunch, really: a wake. A show gets cancelled, all those characters we love die. Why I hate my job. Why I love it, too.”

Ernst previously spoke about how much of a shock it was for him and the rest of the Daredevil production team that Netflix brought down the axe. He revealed that on the day that the news came of its cancellation, he was busy helping map out season 4. Even though we’re cursed to never see it, Ernst promised that there would’ve been some amazing fan-pleasing moments in there.

Though reports have stated that viewing figures for Daredevil and the rest of the Marvel-Netflix shows have been steadily declining, it’s generally thought that the Thanos-like wiping out of the Defenders is due to a falling out between Marvel and the streaming service, as the Mouse House-owned company shifts its priorities to the upcoming Disney+. This strained relationship also makes it unlikely that any of the shows will be resurrected on a different platform.

Tell us Daredevil fans, how are you holding up following the show’s cancellation? Use the comments section as your therapist’s couch and let it all out!