Marvel fans are convinced a familiar hero’s long-lost sister just appeared in ‘Werewolf by Night’

werewolf by night
via Marvel Studios

Werewolf by Night, the MCU’s very first Halloween special, is now streaming on Disney Plus, but though it introduces us to a host of new horror-flavored characters, Marvel fans can’t help but think of a familiar favorite while watching. You see, the similarity between one of the Special Presentation’s key players and a hero we’re all desperate to see make a return to the franchise has folks convinced the pair might actually be long-lost sisters. Either in real life or in the fictional universe.

Irish actress Laura Donnelly (The Nevers, Outlander) makes her Marvel debut in WbN as Elsa Bloodstone, daughter of deceased monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone. Except that many viewers out there can’t get their heads around the fact that she’s not Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter, thanks to the uncanny likeness between the pair and Elsa and Jessica’s shared sardonic nature.

Says it all.

It’s not only you.

Corporate needs you to find the difference between these pictures.

Seeing as they’re so similar, there’s really only one thing for it: Elsa and Jess need to team up.

On second thought, that would actually be a very confusing watch.

You know they’d pretend to hate each other but actually like each other a lot.

Hey, there’s a comic book precedent for it.

As you can see from the comic book cover shared in the tweet above, the MCU’s portrayal of Elsa Bloodstone differs in some major ways from the source material, although the core tenets of the character remain, including her attitude, Englishness, and estranged relationship with her father. With everyone hoping that Ritter will come back as Jess following Daredevil’s return, and with Elsa no doubt set for more adventures, here’s hoping these two heroines cross paths at some point. The sarcastic energy would be off the charts.

Werewolf by Night is available on Disney Plus now.