Marvel Fans Are Getting Serious Joker Vibes From First Loki Footage


“I’m going to burn this place to the ground,” Loki snarls, his thin white lips spreading into a triumphant smile.

It may have been brief, but the first-look footage from Marvel’s planned Loki series was enough to bring the Internet to a standstill, as eager fans pored over every inch of the sizzle reel in the search for potential MCU clues.

There was, of course, much more airtime for both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, given that they’re due to release before the God of Mischief stages his return. But following last night’s Big Game TV spot for Disney+, a number of Marvel fans have drawn comparisons between Loki and a certain Clown Prince of Crime – specifically the one played by Joaquin Phoenix.

See for yourself:

Visually, yes, given Hiddleston’s luscious locks closely match Joaquin Phoenix’s hairstyle in Joker. The prison-like setting only adds to the resemblance, too, and then there’s the whole “burn this place to the ground” threat, which certainly has echoes of one Arthur Fleck. You know, after he’s shot Murray Franklin and descended into the depths of madness.

As for the series itself, Loki isn’t due to arrive on Disney+ until 2021, long after WandaVision (Fall 2020) and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (August 2020) have made their respective debuts.

The former MCU series places a laser focus on Scarlet Witch, whose ability to mess with reality produces some… interesting results for her and her android lover. And The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? It sees Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes set aside their differences to honor the legacy of Steve Rogers, which begins with Sam (formerly known as Falcon) wielding that world-famous shield. And we can hardly wait.