Marvel Fans Are Losing It Over Loki’s Infinity Stones Joke


The Loki premiere debuted on Disney Plus today and it proved to be quite a ride. Sure, it had some of the wacky time travel hijinks we were expecting, but it also turned out to be an emotional trip down memory lane as the God of Mischief’s MCU journey so far was recapped. On the other hand, one jokey scene has made Marvel fans pretty much lose their minds as it totally undercuts the drama of the entire Infinity Saga.

When Loki manages to get out of his bonds and attempts to escape the TVA, he goes to retrieve the Tesseract so he can flee. But when he reclaims it from the contraband box, he discovers that the TVA possesses a load of excess Infinity Stones. Low-level employee Casey (Eugene Cordero) explains that they get a lot of the rare gems here, with the workers often using them as “paperweights.”

Up until now, the Infinity Stones have been portrayed as the most powerful items in existence, with the first 20 films in the franchise being built around Thanos’ hunt for the reality-altering ingots. But, with the TVA being revealed to be the ultimate power in the cosmos, we’re now being told the Infinity Stones are basically useless. It’s a lot to take in for fans, and discussion around the throwaway scene is going viral on social media.

Guys, Natasha, Tony and Vision died for those paperweights.

Imagine if they knew the TVA had dozens of them.

They wouldn’t be impressed.

The TVA could’ve saved them.

Fans are going insane.

So, basically, the whole MCU is a lie.

The MCU is no stranger to poking fun at itself – in fact, it’s kind of the franchise’s MO – but this appears to have gone too far for some fans who feel that joking about the Infinity Stones not being that hard to track down after all makes light out of those three heroes’ sacrifices in Endgame. Not to mention that it raises the same question we had after watching the Eternals trailer: why didn’t the TVA help the Avengers?

Loki continues next Wednesday on Disney Plus.