Marvel Fans Are Loving Loki And Sylvie’s Chaotic Double Act

Lady Loki

Marvel fans are loving Loki and Sylvie’s chaotic double act in the latest episode of the hit Marvel series. After last week’s big cliffhanger, there was a lot of speculation about Sophia Di Martino’s Lady Loki and who exactly she was. Today’s episode 3 actually held back most of the answers, but we did learn that she goes by the name of Sylvie, something already spoiled by a few easter eggs, and that she might be more like Tom Hiddleston’s trickster than she wants to admit.

Episode 3 sees Loki and Sylvie escape the TVA’s Minutemen but end up trapped on the doomed moon of Lamentis 1. As they set off on a journey to a refugee ship called the Ark that will take them off-world, the duo strike up a hilarious partnership, with the no-nonsense Sylvie frequently being irritated with the God of Mischief’s, well, mischief. e.g. when Loki gets himself drunk and causes them to be thrown off a train.

The pair also start to understand each other, though, like in an eye-opening conversation which reveals that they are both bisexual, something that is blowing the minds of Marvel fans everywhere. Overall, Loki and Sylvie have instantly proven to be another winning duo in a show that’s already given us the brilliant Loki/Mobius dynamic. Here are just some of the reactions going around on social media.

The duo we never knew we needed.

This scene, though.

They would definitely relate.


Say hello to the MCU’s first queer lead character and villain.

What an episode!

Episode 3 ended with Loki and Sylvie in dire straits as the duo were left stranded on Lamentis after failing to make it to the Ark, meaning they have no way off the moon before its imminent destruction. What’s going to happen next? Will the two geniuses work out a way to survive? Or will Mobius and the TVA find them and arrest them just in time?

Find out when Loki reaches its fourth episode out of six next Wednesday on Disney Plus.