The Internet Reacts With Despair To Luke Cage’s Cancellation


Another week, another shock cancellation of a Marvel show from the folks at Netflix.

Following the news that Iron Fist would be ending after two seasons, it was revealed yesterday that Luke Cage‘s sophomore run would likewise be its last. And if you thought Marvel fans took it pretty badly that the altogether unpopular Iron Fist was axed, you can imagine that they were full of despair when they heard that Luke Cage had also gotten the chop.

Some tried to hope that this ending would lead to a new beginning – mainly that Heroes for Hire team-up show between Luke and Danny Rand that we’ve been wanting for years.

Others were just confused with the timing. After all, here fans are, enjoying one of the best seasons of a Marvel/Netflix show ever in the newly-released Daredevil season 3, and the streaming service repays us like this.

On the other hand, some weren’t so sympathetic and felt that Luke Cage and Iron Fist got themselves cancelled due to their own flaws.

While even the biggest fan of the Hero of Harlem would have to admit that the two seasons of the show had their faults – though the infamous dab is kind of low-hanging fruit – there was still a lot to like about the series. In particular, season 2 ended with an awesome cliffhanger that promised a stellar third run. Luke Cage had gone full Godfather and taken over Harlem’s Paradise, essentially becoming the new crime boss of the city.

Now, just like with what happened to Danny Rand in Asia to get him his powers back, we may never know what comes next in this story. We have been promised that Finn Jones will return elsewhere following Iron Fist‘s cancellation, though, so let’s hope the same’s true of Luke Cage‘s Mike Colter, as well.

As we await further info, all that’s left to say is…