Marvel Fans Can’t Get Enough Of That WandaVision Footage


Yesterday’s Super Bowl brought us our first look at the initial batch of Marvel shows coming to Disney Plus. We got a glimpse of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in The Falcon and the Winter Soldieran incarcerated God of Mischief in Loki and, best of all, a load of shots from WandaVision, teasing what could be the weirdest, wildest entry in the MCU yet.

We knew to expect a show that would send Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany’s Vision into a strange sitcom-like reality, but we still weren’t prepared for the surreal thrills teased in this trailer. WandaVision was a bit of an outlier of Phase 4 before now, but thanks to this promo, fans cannot wait to see it.

We’re here for the weirdness.

Of course, eagle-eyed fans did not miss the shot that revealed Wanda will become pregnant. Wiccan and Speed are coming, folks! Get ready for the Young Avengers.

And here’s the evidence for those who missed it. Note the twin highchairs.

Fans are already excited to see Olsen really show her range as Wanda, a character who maybe hasn’t been best served by the franchise before now.

Kudos to the costume designers, as Vis is wearing the same shirt as in Tom King’s seminal Vision comics, which are clearly an influence on the overall aesthetic of WV.

But obviously, the most thrilling comic-accurate costume glimpsed in the trailer is Olsen finally dressed in the classic Scarlet Witch suit and tiara. This appears to be a kind of Halloween outfit, but we know that Wanda will definitely earn the Scarlet Witch mantle in the series.

As you can see from these screenshots, WandaVision will play with the conventions of sitcoms from across the years – the black and white shots are the 50s, pregnant Wanda’s from the 70s and the shot with the highchairs is the 80s. But as the clip of modern Wanda in the monochrome world suggests, this is all an illusion. What it all means, though, we’ll have to find out.

WandaVision was originally due to arrive in 2021, but has been moved forward to sometime later this year. Watch this space for more.