WandaVision Casting Breakdown Teases Wiccan And Speed’s Arrival


Scarlet Witch and her android lover’s happiness seemed to be dashed forever when Vision died in Avengers: Infinity War and wasn’t resurrected in Avengers: Endgame. However, things will somehow be very different in upcoming Disney Plus series WandaVisionDue to some kind of reality-bending, Wanda Maximoff and Vision will be living an idyllic life in a faux-1950s. And they might even have a couple of kids, too.

Given Wiccan and Speed’s place as the couple’s twins in the comics, fans have been expecting the pair to be brought into the MCU in the show. We Got This Covered previously told you that this would happen and now, MCU Cosmic has revealed some casting info that seems to confirm our scoop, with the outlet reporting that the young heroes are indeed entering the franchise in WandaVision. 

According to MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad, the series has already cast two infants and is now looking for twin eight-year old boys as well. The two kids are being codenamed “Timmy” and “Adam,” aliases that seem pretty reminiscent of Tommy and Billy, the real names of Wiccan and Speed.

Rumors are pointing to WandaVision hopping through the decades, too, with the first episode kicking off in the 1950s and subsequent ones moving into the 1960s and 1970s. Finally, the story will be brought into the modern day. The idea is that the episodes will parody the typical sitcoms of these time periods. If this is true, then we should look out for WV casting some teenage twins for its later installments.

It’s possible the teenage versions of Wiccan and Speed will stick around the MCU as well. The Young Avengers, which the duo are a part of on the page, are due to form in the franchise in the near future, possibly in a separate Disney Plus series. Other second-generational Avengers on the way, meanwhile, include Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel and possibly Hulkling.

WandaVision is filming now and is due on the streaming service in spring 2021.