Marvel Fans Going Crazy For Scarlet Witch’s Classic Costume In WandaVision


The Disney Plus spot at the Super Bowl focused on their upcoming MCU shows, giving us brief looks at The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki and WandaVisionBriskly and rhythmically edited, it did a great job of building hype for what’s coming over the next year and a bit. But one of the most fan-pleasing elements came in a split second of WandaVision.

In a rapidly edited montage, we saw Wanda Maximoff in various costumes. These ranged from a black and white 1940s style get-up, a 1970s look and a tantalizing peek at her in a comic-accurate suit. Of course, this may tie into the hints that Kevin Feige dropped that WandaVision will see Wanda Maximoff finally taking on the ‘Scarlet Witch’ name in the MCU. Despite that, though, I don’t think she’ll be wearing this exact costume for future appearances, as it looks to me like an in-universe Halloween costume rather than anything she could wear in a superhero battle.

Still, the fans seem to be loving it, as evidenced by the Tweets below:

Seeing her in this costume also makes me think WandaVision will finally show the true extent of Wanda Maximoff’s powers. Since Age of Ultron, her skills have largely been relegated to firing red energy blasts during battles, but comic fans will know she’s capable of so much more.

In the famous House of M storyline, she created an alternate reality in which every Marvel hero got their deepest wish fulfilled. So, Magneto rules over mutants as the head of House Magnus, Spider-Man is a popular celebrity married to Gwen Stacy, Captain America is an aged veteran who was never frozen and Wolverine is an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Sadly, this new reality also goes wrong, leading a distraught Scarlet Witch to utter the immortal words “no more mutants,” which reduces the world population of mutants to just a few hundred.

My theory is that WandaVision will establish Wanda Maximoff’s reality-altering powers, showing her cycling through alternate realities in which she has a perfect domestic life. And if she can get rid of mutants from the comic book Marvel Universe, who’s to say she couldn’t introduce them to the MCU?