Marvel Fans Want Squirrel Girl In The MCU After New Warriors Footage Leaks

Once upon a time, Marvel Television was working on a New Warriors TV series, based on the teen superhero team from the comics, but the project was canceled once Freeform passed on it and another outlet couldn’t be found. At this point, fans had forgotten all about it but this week showrunner Kevin Biegel belatedly shared our first look at the show, posting a scrap of footage and some set photos on Twitter which showcased Milana Vayntrub as Squirrel Girl.

Back in the day, there was a lot of excitement to see Doreen Green in the MCU and now that we’ve seen what perfect casting Vayntrub could’ve been in the role, fans are furious that New Warriors never happened. Biegel has since deleted his whistleblowing tweets about the aborted show, but this hasn’t stopped the video and images from going around social media. See them for yourself here:

We want vengeance.


A friendly reminder that Squirrel Girl has taken down both Doctor Doom and Thanos.

Marvel needs to get Vayntrub back ASAP.

Now that’s an idea!

The good news is that Vayntrub has revealed that she would love to come back as Doreen in a future project. So it’s all in Marvel’s court now…

In his now-removed tweets, Biegel described New Warriors as being “very proudly gay” but that “a singular power that be” killed the show because it was “too gay.” The writer/producer revealed that he still gets “so mad that we couldn’t have characters say stuff like this,” indicating a quote from a script in which Debrii (Kate Comer) describe themselves as “Black. Queer. Powered.” Marvel has since hit back at Biegel’s claims, saying the company was “always supportive of the show” in a statement.

Alongside Vayntrub’s Squirrel Girl, the cast for New Warriors would’ve featured Derek Theler (Mister Immortal), Jeremy Tardy (Night Thrasher), Calum Worthy (Speedball) and Matthew Moy (Microbe). Here’s hoping that there’s a future for these characters on Disney Plus.