Every Marvel Cinematic Universe Film Will Get A What If…? Episode

Avengers Endgame

Disney continues to give fans more reasons to be interested in their upcoming streaming platform. It was just announced at the D23 expo that the upcoming show What If…? will explore potential scenarios from all twenty-three of the films set in the MCU. This means that each individual movie will be the focus of their own particular episode.

The animated series, just like the comic book it’s named after, seeks to explore unique situations that could’ve possibly unfolded if just one or two things were different. For example, one potential plot line could focus on how things would be different if Bruce Banner was Iron Man instead of Tony Stark. Each episode is set to focus on a different altered timeline with many of the stars from the superhero films expected to return to voice their characters. The concept of the show is undeniably intriguing, especially for fans who have had similar hypothetical discussions with their friends over the years.

What If…? also isn’t confined by any decisions that the MCU makes. They can get as crazy as they want since they’re quite literally rewriting history. The series is already planning to bring back Peggy Carter, which opens the door for plenty more fan favorites to be resurrected. There’s also a particularly interesting rumor that says the show might feature zombies in at least one of its episodes. It’s hard to imagine anything more epic than the Avengers taking on the undead.

It remains to be seen how the production tackles the Spider-Man movies though, especially now that Peter Parker has been removed from the MCU. Since Marvel doesn’t own the rights to any of those characters anymore, it’s hard to envision how they’ll be able to portray them without violating copyright laws. This is just another interesting aspect to watch out for when What If…? premieres on Disney Plus in the near future.