Is Marvel Planning A Netflix Series For Daredevil Character White Tiger?


Marvel currently have two Netflix TV shows under their belt (Daredevil and Jessica Jones), and another two to come (Luke Cage and Iron Fist), which will eventually culminate in The Defenders. Aside from a Punisher spinoff, that’s currently all they’ve officially announced as future series – but rumors persiss that there are several other characters in the pipeline that are about to receive their own shows.

Today we add another to the list, as Bleeding Cool reckon their might well be a White Tiger series in the mix. According to their sources, four “pilot shorts” were filmed with a view to them being considered as potential Netflix projects. Three remain a mystery, but the fourth is apparently based around the Angela Del Toro incarnation of White Tiger.

Del Toro is a former FBI Agent and niece of the original White Tiger, Hector Ayala. Though she started out as a hero in the comics, she was eventually corrupted by The Hand and is now a member of New Revengers.

Obviously we’ll have to take this with that ever-ready grain of salt until we hear something more concrete, but there’s no doubt that White Tiger would make a great addition to the grimy Netflix world inhabited by Daredevil and friends.

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