Marvel releases a fresh batch of images from ‘Hawkeye’ finale

By Keane Eacobellis

Hawkeye wrapped up in style. I’ve enjoyed all the Disney Plus Marvel shows, though many of them have had somewhat disappointing final episodes. However, “So This is Christmas” delivered the goods, satisfyingly concluding the show’s many plotlines, ending with a heartwarming moment of Christmas cheer.

My highlights were the chemistry between Florence Pugh’s Yelena and Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, the brutal bout between Kate and Kingpin, seeing multiple trick arrows deployed against the Tracksuit Mafia, and Clint finally acknowledging Kate as a partner. All those moments, and many more besides, can be revisited in a blizzard of images just released by Marvel. Check them out:

So what’s next for Clint Barton? At no point in the show did we see him consider retiring from superhero work, but if he decided to spend the rest of his life in peace with his family, who could blame him?

More likely to return in the near future is Kate Bishop, who now has the skills and know-how to make her own way in the MCU. She and Yelena will probably form the nucleus of a new Avengers team in the future, and I’d love to see a team-up show focused on their friendship/rivalry.

That being said, the nearest thing to a direct sequel will be Echo. This spinoff for Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez will likely see more of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, and potentially Charlie Cox as Daredevil. If they follow the comics’ storyline, Fisk will have been blinded by Maya’s attack and it’d be a shame if Daredevil didn’t play a role in that arc.

Hawkeye‘s first season is streaming on Disney Plus.