Marvel Looking For Jewish Zac Efron-Type Actors For Moon Knight

Moon Knight

After years of fans calling for him to be brought to the screen, Moon Knight is finally coming to the MCU in the near future in his very own self-titled Disney Plus TV series. The show was only just revealed at D23 back in August, so no casting announcement has been made as yet, but we may now know how Marvel hopes to portray the character and which actor they’re using as a template.

According to The Geeks Worldwide, the studio is searching for a Jewish actor to play Marc Spector, preferably of Israeli descent. Specifically, they’re said to be looking for a “Zac Efron-type.” The outlet reports that Efron was originally the top choice to play Ikaris in The Eternals before Richard Madden landed the part. This, coupled with the fact that Efron himself is Jewish, means it’s not impossible that the star could end up taking the gig.

The Geeks Worldwide’s report backs up We Got This Covered’s own scoop, with our sources telling us months ago that Marvel was only considering Jewish actors for Moon Knight due to the hero’s established heritage in the comics (he was originally the son of a rabbi who survived WWII). We’ve also heard the studio already has a few names on their shortlist for the part, including Andrew Garfield, Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Various leaks and scoops have previously linked Efron to Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, with a recent rumor saying he’d even met with Marvel to discuss the role. There’s usually not this much smoke without fire, so clearly we should expect the actor to appear in the MCU sooner rather than later, even if he doesn’t end up leading the Moon Knight TV show.