Marvel Reportedly Rebooting Hellstrom For Disney Plus


The last live-action Marvel Television show out the door before Marvel Studios started rolling out its own series was Helstrom, a Hulu exclusive that loosely adapted the characters of Daimon and Satana Hellstrom – the so-called children of Satan – to the screen. Though intended to be the start of a new horror-themed TV franchise subtitled Adventures into Fear, also comprising Gabriel Luna’s Ghost Rider show, it was cancelled after just one season thanks to the dissolution of Marvel Television.

Just as we’re certain that Marvel is looking to relaunch Ghost Rider in the MCU, though, it looks like the studio might be doing the same with the characters of Helstrom. Giant Freakin Robot is reporting that the House of Ideas is in early development on a reboot of the property. As you’d expect, this would end up on Disney Plus, as part of the darker stream of Marvel series that are on the way – e.g. Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight.

GFR was unable to reveal any specific details about this project at this time, so it’s unknown what the angle Marvel would take with this reboot. The Hulu show starred Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon as Daimon and Ana Helstrom (note the lack of the second L). While it stripped back a lot of the concepts from the comics, and cut itself off from the rest of the franchise, it still explored the pair’s demonic origins.


A reboot would presumably link up with other upcoming supernatural heroes, like the aforementioned Spirit of Vengeance and maybe Blade, too. It’s unclear if Austen and Lemmon would be invited back to reprise their roles. While Daredevil‘s Charlie Cox is likely to return to the MCU, other Marvel TV characters like Iron Fist and the Inhumans are likely to be recast. So it could go either way.

All 10 episodes of Helstrom can be found on Hulu now.