Vin Diesel Reportedly Still Top Choice For Black Bolt In Inhumans Reboot


Back in the day, Vin Diesel was ready and willing to play Black Bolt in Marvel’s Inhumansbut it seemed that wouldn’t end up happening when the House of Ideas decided to launch the franchise as a TV show instead. Given that ABC’s Inhumans is the worst entry in the MCU by some distance, though, it’s thought that Kevin Feige is looking to wipe the slate clean and reboot the Inhuman Royal Family. Which means Vin could get his old gig back.

Mikey Sutton of Geekosity is reporting that the Fast & Furious star is once again in the fray to play Blackagar Boltagon and though he notes that there are no plans for an Inhumans movie at this stage, Feige has an interest in bringing the group into the fold somewhere. It doesn’t sound like the studio has actually reached out to Diesel at this time, then, but internally, he definitely remains the frontrunner to land the role.

Anson Mount previously played the Inhuman monarch on TV, and he was actually one of the best things about the series. However, given Marvel’s desire to distance themselves from the flop, and Mount’s commitments to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, he was never going to return to the part. And the irony of Diesel taking over the character is just too good to pass up. You see, while his voice is already heard in the MCU as Groot, with Black Bolt he’d only appear physically, as the hero is mute.

Sutton has previously claimed that the Inhumans will be reintroduced as part of the Fantastic Four franchise – so not necessarily in the upcoming FF reboot directed by Jon Watts but one of its sequels or spinoffs. This makes a lot of sense, too, seeing as the superpowered race debuted in an issue of Fantastic Four back in the 60s. Presumably this would be where Diesel would first appear as Black Bolt, if he did end up getting cast.

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