New Marvel’s What If…? Promos Tease Some Wild And Fun Stories

Marvel's What If

As I’ve mentioned before, I can’t afford Disney Plus right now. A bar downtown is showing off The Mandalorian for free tonight though, so I might just check that out. But you know what else is free? Clips on Twitter, baby!

Disney Plus has an Expanding the Universe featurette within the service and it shows off some clips from the upcoming Marvel’s What If…? series, which, up until now, has maintained a good amount of secrecy. Today, however, some new footage is out for all to see and a few intrepid Twitterers have posted clips showing off sections of a small handful of the stories.

Up first, we’ve got a look at Captain Carter:

…and her pairing with a non-juiced-up Steve Rogers as a WWII-era Iron Man:

We’ve also got T’Challa as Star-Lord, for some reason:

The one I’m most excited for though is the first glimpse of the Marvel Zombies:

And an anthology series needs a narrator, right? A Cryptkeeper? Well, Marvel’s What If…? has Uatu the Watcher, voiced by Jeffery Wright:

I think this idea is one of the better ones that those kids over at Disney have had concerning the Marvel properties in a while. The show is a cosplayer’s dream come true as well. Can you imagine the insane stuff we’re gonna see at Comic-Con the year What If…? releases? The crossover potential is crazy. I’m not much of a cartoons guy, but hey, maybe I’ll check this out…if someone gets me a Disney Plus subscription. Given that this is going to be a 23-episode series, I’m also now real curious as to the other kind of weirdo stories we’re getting out of it.

Tell us, though, what kinds of stories are you hoping for in Marvel’s What If…? Let us know in the usual place down below.