Marvel’s Halloween special rumored to feature another monster

The MCU is rapidly growing in size and scope, with many upcoming projects promising to introduce loads of exciting new foes and beings to the canon. However, one of the most mysterious new Marvel projects might be adding another monster to its roster, according to a new rumor. 

According to a rumor posted by Cosmic Circus, Man-Thing will appear in the upcoming Marvel Werewolf By Night Halloween special. In the article, Lizzie Hill describes the Man-Thing’s potential cameo by saying: 

“While it’s only a cameo from what I heard, and that certainly can change, I have been told this by multiple previously very reliable sources, and so I believe this to be true.” 

Werewolf By Night will be directed by Michael Giacchino, and Gael García Bernal is reported to star. The special has had a long and strange production history as Marvel has kept most of the information under wraps. The fact that the special was being filmed was revealed by Georgia’s film and TV production website, which listed the special (under its codename Buzzcut) on its upcoming filming schedule. In fact, some sources believe the special may have already finished filming.

Since then, several rumors and leaks have gone around online, including one that suggests the special will primarily use practical effects. This includes a whisper that the team behind Universal Studio’s popular Halloween Horror Nights events might be working with Marvel on the project. In fact, it is currently unknown if the special will even be called Werewolf By Night when it hits screens, making it all the more mysterious. 

Man-Thing is a popular Marvel character, having made its debut in Savage Tales #1 in 1971. Ted Sallis, a biochemist, was enlisted into a secret project to create a new supersoldier serum. However, when AIM tried to steal the serum, Sallis injected himself before falling into a swamp that contained the Nexus of Reality. The serum and the Nexus transformed the professor into the horrible Man-Thing, giving himan incredible amount of power at a massive price. This won’t be Man-Thing’s first appearance in the MCU, as a bust of the character appeared as part of the Grandmaster’s tower in Thor: Ragnarok