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Marvel’s Hit-Monkey Creators Have Detailed Plans For Future Seasons Of The Show

Ahead of its debut, the show creators shared in an interview they have plans for seasons 2 and 3.

Hulu’s latest Marvel animated series Hit-Monkey is set to launch tomorrow and despite not yet airing its first season creators Josh Goron and Will Speck have reportedly planned for a pair of follow-up seasons to come in the future.

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In an interview with ScreenRant, the pair of Hit-Monkey’s creators explained that they have an “enormously detailed” plan for the series going forward after its debut run later this week. However, they also explained that nothing was currently locked in with Marvel of Hulu.

“We don’t have any future plans, in terms of no commitments, but in terms of a bible for the next 10 seasons, we have it very handy if you’d like to hear about it,” Will Speck said.

“Certainly, the second and third seasons were enormously detailed and drawn out,” Josh Gordon said. “We wanted the first season to work as its own complete meal and it really does sort of operate almost like an extended feature in that way, where it has a very strong beginning, middle, and end and it does stand alone. But in terms of where these characters would go, including Lady Bullseye, there’s a lot to be had there.”

Hit-Monkey is one of the more unique Marvel series and one of the few animated series that survived the dissolution of Marvel Television. The show was originally planned to be part of a larger universe with other interconnecting shows, but that failed to come to fruition.

Fortunately for fans of the Hit-Monkey comics, the series is here tomorrow and it seems that there is interest from its creators to keep it going for many more seasons.