The First Trailer For Marvel’s Inhumans Has Leaked Online


The first trailer for Marvel’s upcoming TV show, Inhumans, has arrived online. The only thing is, it hasn’t been officially released just yet. The version found above clearly needs some tidying up in post-production and has a watermark in the centre of the screen. Still, fans who are eager to get a proper look at the series will want to get watching. As we know from the leak of the Krypton trailer a while back, these things often get taken down pretty quickly.

Following on from the teaser trailer that was (officially) dropped last month, this full-length preview introduces us to Anson Mount as the Inhuman king Black Bolt, Serinda Swann as his queen Medusa and the rest of the Inhuman royal family. It also reveals that Black Bolt’s brother Maximus will ‘do a Loki’ and seek control of Attilan, the homeland of the Inhumans that’s located on the moon.

Going by the ‘Scott. B’ watermark plastered over the video, we would imagine this is the same trailer from which the screenshots that arrived online a few weeks ago were taken from. Intriguingly, the name on the watermark brings to mind showrunner Scott Buck. Is this his copy that’s leaked then? If so, is he in for a stern talking to by the Marvel bosses? Or is this a deliberate leak by the studio to test fans’ reactions to the show? After all, people have already heavily criticized the first image of the Inhumans royal family in costume and right now, the general feeling towards the series isn’t overly positive.

Marvel’s Inhumans will debut in a unique way when the first two episodes hit IMAX theatres on September 1st, running for two weeks. The whole eight part first season will then air as normal on ABC from September 22nd.

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