Marvel’s Television Chief Thinks Daredevil Will Last Six Seasons


With season 3 of Netflix’s Daredevil right around the corner now (October 19th, to be exact), the streaming giant’s first foray into the Marvel universe has hit its halfway point (most television shows last five to seven seasons before ending or diving in quality). At least, that’s according to Marvel’s TV head Jeph Loeb.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the producer and occasional comic book writer appeared to confirm that the studio has a vision for three more seasons of the show, saying, “[do we] have an idea as to what Daredevil four, five or six could be? Sure.” Unfortunately, though, he wouldn’t elaborate on what exactly they’ve got in mind.

Though Disney is, of course, launching their own streaming service to eventually compete with Netflix, it’s not likely at this time that any future seasons of Daredevil, his fellow members of The Defenders or any characters which spin out of their initial shows will end up on the platform. As many have noted, the core series and spinoffs were co-productions with Netflix and had Netflix money sunk into them. So, unless Disney wants a fight, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Luke Cage, Annoying Danny Rand, Jessica Jones and Frank Castle will be staying exactly where they are.

Personally, this makes the most sense. Disney – whether you love it or hate it – is a family-friendly brand. Yes, they have their Touchstone label, but in general, anything they make or host on their services is tamer than Danny Tanner making a mayonnaise on white bread sandwich. It’s smart for them to separate their edgier content from their core audience and making sure the original Netflix shows stay where they are is probably the best hope for anyone wanting a Moon Knight show.

Circling back to Daredevil, though, and you can catch the Man Without Fear on your screen once more early next month, when season 3 rolls out on October 19th. And if the critics are to be believed, we’re in for quite a treat.