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MCU fan creates Scarlet Scarab series logo concept as people demand more of the new hero

All Marvel Studios has left to do is greenlit the series.

scarlet scarab moon knight
Photo via Marvel Studios

A talented Marvel fan designed a logo for a theoretical series based on Scarlet Scarab, a breakout superhero from the Moon Knight series on Disney Plus.

Cbekel3618 unveiled the design on Thursday in the Marvel Studios subreddit. It features “Scarlet Scarab” in bold red letters, with a red scarab beetle separating the words. Above it is the Marvel Studios logo, while the Disney Plus logo sits below. With nearly 1,800 upvotes, the design has been well-received by MCU fans who are rallying behind the possibility of Marvel Studios creating a Scarlet Scarab series. Check it out below:

Image via u/cbekel3618/ Reddit

As expected, this fan-created logo triggered a fresh debate among MCU fans as they pitched their ideas (and hopes) for a future Marvel series starring Layla El-Fouly aka Scarlet Scarab.

Scarlet Scarab is the name of the superhero Layla El-Faouly becomes in the Moon Knight finale. Although the superhero isn’t named in the series, Marvel.com confirmed her identity as fans were busy drawing parallels between her and the comic book character Scarlet Scarab.

As for May Calamawy, who plays the character of Layla, she is all in when it comes to the expansion of her character’s story in the MCU.

“Never say no to a spin-off. I have fallen in love with her and her fight . . . So I’d love to continue to be of service in that way.”

Well, until Marvel Studios decides to turn the dreams of MCU fans into a reality with a spin-off series focused on Layla, you can binge on her latest superhero adventure in Moon Knight on Disney Plus.

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